Mark Hurd and Larry Ellison Unveil New Oracle ERP Cloud Features at OpenWorld 2018
5 Comments Oracle   (on 10-Apr-2019 02:01 PM)
This content will help educate readers on new Oracle ERP Cloud capabilities.
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A.I. Month in the UAE: Oracle’s New Initiatives
1 Comments Oracle   (on 16-Feb-2018 11:11 AM)
What a fast innovation jump in this new year! This first month of 2018, Oracle had two major A.I. initiatives in the UAE that were top news across all media.
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Oracle Management Cloud event - Dubai - 24 Feb 2016
0 Comments Oracle   (on 18-Feb-2016 04:30 PM)
Businesses are learning that employees and customers expect more from their applications and tolerate fewer bumps in the road. They expect a steady refresh of new functionalities, and when an application or app doesn’t work, they quickly look for a competing service or website.
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Modern Applications Experience
0 Comments Oracle   (on 18-Dec-2015 03:20 PM)
Discover Supply chain, Finance, HCM and Marketing Cloud solutions that deliver results – Find out how to reduce costs while improving customer service and supporting expansion in new markets and product lines.
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Emirates Oracle Taleo Implementation
    • Emirates Taleo Implementation Part 2 - Q&A
    • MEOUG MAJLIS 2014
    • Opening talk by Rahul Misra, Oracle at MEOUG Majlis 2015
    • Keynote address by Cliff Godwin at MEOUG Majlis 2015
    • Welcome address by Kashif Manzoor at MEOUG Majlis 2015
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