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Learning Opportunities at CloudWorld Tour
0 Comments Oracle   (on 20-Dec-2023 05:18 PM)

Your CloudWorld Tour registration is a ticket to knowledge. Accelerate your learning with keynotes, sessions, labs, and demos in Dubai.
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Mark Hurd and Larry Ellison Unveil New Oracle ERP Cloud Features at OpenWorld 2018
6 Comments Oracle   (on 10-Apr-2019 02:01 PM)
This content will help educate readers on new Oracle ERP Cloud capabilities.
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A.I. Month in the UAE: Oracle’s New Initiatives
1 Comments Oracle   (on 16-Feb-2018 11:11 AM)
What a fast innovation jump in this new year! This first month of 2018, Oracle had two major A.I. initiatives in the UAE that were top news across all media.
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5 tips to get quick registration for MEOUG MAJLIS 2018
2 Comments MEOUG MAJLIS   (on 02-Feb-2017 12:55 PM)

Last conference, we crammed over 500 enthusiasts into the conference venue. And what a blast it was! This year, we believe more attendees than ever are going to turn up for the Oracle users’ event of the year in Middle East. Don’t delay, register now for the full MEOUG MAJLIS 2018 Annual User Conference.
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