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MEOUG Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The objective of MEOUG SIGs is to facilitate Oracle Technology/Applications information sharing and peer-to-peer association specific Oracle Products, as well as a specific industry. This is achieved with SIG Meetings. By providing multiple channels for user driven education, the MEOUG ensures that the Oracle community will continue to grow and prosper. SIG members share a common interest concerning specific Oracle Applications products, as well as a specific industry. SIG members may be geographically dispersed and typically meet at Annual MEOUG Majlis conferences.
BI SIG (Business Intelligence Special Interest Group)
The Oracle Business Intelligence Special Interest Group (OBI SIG) was formed by Middle East Oracle User Group, to specifically focus on the Oracle Business Intelligence uses in different industry groups. The OBI SIG provides the Oracle BI User Community with knowledge, education and real-world experiences on all Oracle Business Intelligence technology, functionality and direction and vision for Business Intelligence.
BI SIG Objective is to: 
  • Educate our members on current and future functionality of all Oracle Business Intelligence products.
  • Provide a unified voice to Oracle Corporation on current and future functionality of all Oracle Business Intelligence products, in such a manner that will help in the evolution and maturity of the Oracle BI Product family.
  • Create networking opportunities for our members to meet, interact and develop relationships with Oracle Corporation, BI Partners and other members of the Oracle BI user community.

Neeraj Verma Neeraj Verma Director BI SIG
Awad Ahmed Ali El-Sidiq Awad Ahmed Ali El-Sidiq Director - Oracle Engineered Systems SIG
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