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Types of Membership

1. Keeps you Updated on latest Oracle technologies
2. Discounted training
3. Updated info on MEOUG Events / Conferences, some of which you are entitled to attend Free
4. Interact with MEOUG members, Discuss best practices / Implementation , Product, Oracle policies etc
5. A formal feedback mechanism to reach Oracle’s local Management for action
6. Gives you exclusive access to latest technology features & tips
7. Get information on locally available System Integrators / Experts  and interact with them

Membership Options

  • Oracle End User
  • Oracle Vendor
  • Student

oracle end user


End users are IT professionals, namely CIOs, IT directors, IT managers, Application Managers, Oracle Consultants, DBAs among others. These people are responsible for their organizations' own internal systems and will not provide services, advice, or products to other organizations.

Proof of employment may be required to complete the validation process, such as the presentation of a valid business card, company security entrance card, and/or stationery featuring the company letterhead.

Membership Fee: Free

Membership Duration: Valid for 1 year from start date of the membership and every year member has to renew.

Events: Can attend unlimited number of events organized by MEOUG, member must register for the event.

As END user of Oracle, you can join to get below benefits
1. Variety of opportunities to learn about current and upcoming Oracle technologies through MEOUG/Oracle sponsored conferences, educational events and trainings.
2. Access to regular regional events, which provide updates and networking opportunities
3. Join discussions related to Oracle products and Strategic direction
4. Post your discussion topic to get inputs from other experts within MEOUG
5. Discounted rates for annual MEOUG MAJLIS Conference
6. Access to Special Interest Groups (SIGs) events with industry leaders
7. Access to papers/presentations presented at events
8. Members-only section of MEOUG web site includes Discussion forums, Job listings, Technical documents, Articles and Presentations
9. Influence Oracle by joining voice of MEOUG through Polls, Events & online groups
10. Networking opportunities with other Oracle users
11. Improve skills and widen your network, by volunteering to various ME OUG events

oracle vendor


Oracle Vendor (Partners, IT vendors, SI's, ISV's and Consultants):
If a person is employed by an IT Company, Oracle Partner, System Integrator, reseller, or consulting firm and does not operate as an internal systems specialist, this person will be viewed as an Oracle Partners, IT vendor representative and will not be eligible to attend free of charge. Examples include marketing managers and persons who work in partnership development and in sales and business development.

Annual Fee: $650 US

Membership Duration: Valid for 1 year from start date of the membership, to be renewed every year.

Events: Can attend all SIG Days and MEOUG MAJLIS Annual Conference. As attendance is limited for each event, all Member’s must register for individual event & get confirmation to attend.

Position your brand & value to wide customer base. Features are
1. Be listed in online Partner directory
2. Be able to use MEOUG Partner logo on your website and marketing material
3. Be able to attend exclusive Partner only events
4. Opportunity to enter MEOUG Partner of Year Awards
5. Free place at an Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings
6. Be able to take advantage of exclusive marketing opportunities with MEOUG
7. Have access to presentation opportunities
8. Access & submit content for, members areas on MEOUG website
9. Volunteering opportunities
10. Participate in Oracle and MEOUG surveys to directly influence the future of Oracle



Valid student of any university, institution and has to provide card number and institution name
Fee: Free
Membership Duration: Valid for 1 year from start date of the membership and every year member has to renew.
Events: Student member will register for the event and upon approval they can attend the event.

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