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Why Join MEOUG?

Make New Connections
Meet people who share your interests and passions. Find a group of friends with whom you can talk about ORACLE. Go to a monthly meeting or to special events.

Get support and enhance your skills
You’ve got questions. MEOUG has answers. Enhance your skills so you can take yourself to a new professional level. MEOUG can help you work harder or play harder.

Maybe you’ve got some of the answers. MEOUG are a rewarding way for you to share your expertise. Someone may have helped you learn about technology; now you can repay the favor while meeting new people and making new contacts.

Save money
MEOUG members receive exclusive benefits from a large number of companies. As a user group member, you can save money on Events, Conferences, Softwares  and used hardware from many of the top vendors.

Find local resources
The Internet provides many answers and resources. However, nothing beats the personal connection of meeting with local MEOUG users and exploring the resources that are available locally.

If you happened to find a date while at a group event, it wouldn’t be the first time in user group history. That’s what can happen when you find people in your community who have similar interests. User group meetings can even change your life through the relationships you form.

Make business contacts
Maybe you’re not looking for a date, but you could be looking for professional contacts and networks. Meet people who run and manage area businesses, law practices, and medical centers and discuss ways you can build relationships that are beneficial to all parties.

Volunteer in the community
Middle East Oracle User group can help you make a difference in your community. Many groups offer volunteer opportunities that include helping in area schools, community centers or libraries.

Tell the world
Perhaps you’re passionate about the world’s greatest technology. MEOUG give you the chance to tell the world — or at least many people in your community. Help spread the news by hosting demonstrations and meetings at community events.
Video Gallery
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    • Opening talk by Rahul Misra, Oracle at MEOUG Majlis 2015
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    • Welcome address by Kashif Manzoor at MEOUG Majlis 2015
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