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Join us for a Live Oracle webcast on Developing Applications on the Oracle Cloud with Managed Kubernetes

[ Back to News Page ] Dated: 16-May-2018
Live Webcast: Developing Applications on the Oracle Cloud - The new Platform with Managed Kubernetes

23rd May, 2018 , Wednesday
03:00 PM to 04.00 PM (UAE Time

Containerization of Cloud Applications rapidly becomes the right way to deploy complex systems.Containers solve one of the fundamental issues of software development – dev/test/prod environments disparity. Using containers substantially lowers the risk of changing and deploying new versions of the applications and allows IT to closely follow business needs. 

Further, there is a need for modern CI/CD environment, which natively supports containers and allows automatization of all unit testing, integration testing, deploying on the staging environment, handling different deployment pipelines etc.
  • Having huge experience with providing variety of Cloud services, Oracle has designed a new generation of container native, Cloud Application Platform. It consist of three main services:
  • Oracle Container Pipelines – based on Wercker, 100% containers native CI/CD environment.
  • Oracle Container Registry – Docker registry for all cloud native applications.
  • Oracle Container Engine – working horse of cloud applications – fast and reliable Kubernetes engine closely integrated with all other Cloud services.
  • We invite you to this webinar which will cover basics of Oracle’s Container Platform offering, the Next generation of the Containers in the Cloud, and demonstrate key advantages of running application in the modern containerized Cloud environment.
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